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What's Spiexie

SPIEXIE [pronounce: spicy] is a made-to-measure ladies' fashion label of modern & fusion ethnic wear with a Asian accent.

As the sole fashion designer & founder of this label, I'm constantly drawing inspiration from the cultures of the world, especially Asia - hence, the name 'SPIEXIE' - adding 'spice' to my designs.

Dressing women in fine taste, my aim is not to make them look like dolls, but to bring out the best of every woman by flattering their figures in a way that only a close body fit can, and also their femininity, character and personality.

Using a wide array of fabric imported from various parts of the world such as French lace from France, chiffon from Japan, saree from India and original Swarovski crystal buttons, each piece of clothing from SPIEXIE is one-or-few-of-its-kind, unlike the run of the mill ready-to-wear clothes found in stores.

After having to purchase too much of the same cloth and having to fork out a premium price for tailors of reputably good standard, I decided to seek a more economical solution to getting my own fashions tailored for the love of creative design, fine cloth and looking like none other.

So I decided that I should marry my fashionable passion with common sense and SPIEXIE became my brain-child, a labour of love, no less, for I had to work hard in scouring the lands for all the right ingredients.

I would like to make SPIEXIE available soon at retail department stores, where there will be SPIEXIE counters to have your body measurements taken before placing orders for the design & fabric that you choose. It's really as simple as choosing what you'd like for a Subway sandwich. Or, if you'd like to take your measurements yourself, just sign up as a member at any SPIEXIE counter to get a free measuring tape & stylebook. You may submit your record to us later. All personal records of registrants are strictly confidential and can be updated anytime.

I welcome all enquiries from fashion retail outlets world-wide for possible collaborations. Contact me here.

With this, I hope that more ladies will have the confidence to step out in their own unique and comfortable style, unafraid to be caught in the same dress at the same office, party or ball. No Cinderella story is complete without a fairy godmother and I aspire to be in her shoes (not Cinderella's).

- Sophia Leo