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About Sophia

To those who wish to get to know me better, it takes more than this page to do so, so if you would like to befriend me on a social or professional level, you may drop me an email to connect on the following topics of interest:

  1. Branding & Marketing Communications
  2. Visual Arts
  3. Design of any discipline,
    i.e. Fashion, Industrial, Jewellery etc.
  4. Theatre
  5. Music
  1. Social Cultural Trends
  2. Digital Media
  3. Spiritual Development
  4. Gastronomy
  5. Astronomy

Ms Construed by some Ms Fits, a Ms Understanding can really make it for better or worse.
Ms Deed's my neighbour but we don't hang out 'cos i'm real goody.

In the mythical Chinese legend, the Monkey God, Sun Wu Kong can mutate into 72 different forms.
To describe my multi-facetted personality, here's my version:

The # 72 Adjectival Nouns of Sophia

  1. Determined entrepreneur
  2. Non-conformist
  3. Once bitten, twice stronger
  4. Risk-taker
  5. Fine arts practitioner- oil, acrylic, watercolour, pastel, gouache & other forms of mixed mediums
  6. Fashion / Haute couture costume designer
  7. Copywriter- corporate brochures, media releases, press ads, annual reports
  8. Media campaigner
  9. Thai massage aficionado
  10. Davidoff cigar connoisseur
  11. Dom Perignon champagne lover
  12. Sashimi & teppanyaki addict
  13. Thinker
  14. Procrastinator
  15. Well-wisher
  16. Gift-giver
  17. Party pooper
  18. Mass marketer
  19. Aunt Agony
  20. Pacifier
  21. Do-Gooder
  22. Do-Little
  23. Dreamer
  24. Pleasure seeker
  25. Sentimentalist
  26. Perfectionist
  27. Spender
  28. Political sport analyst-cum-commentator
  29. Hobby photographer
  30. Theatrical dramatist
  31. Observer
  32. Listener
  33. Orator
  34. Supporter of staged plays
  35. Hedonist
  36. Public speaker
  1. Multi-tasker
  2. Renaissance Man wannabe
  3. Original sinner
  4. Deep shit digger
  5. Professional beggar
  6. Untrained psychic
  7. Armchair environmentalist
  8. Kamikaze fighter
  9. Self-believer
  10. Agent provocateur
  11. Avid reader
  12. Aspiring singer
  13. Bum
  14. Hair splitter
  15. Natural networker
  16. Dare-devil
  17. God's lamb
  18. Voice for the underdog
  19. Ambitious control freak
  20. Peasant worker
  21. Sartorial advocate
  22. Bespoken facilitator
  23. Energizer bunny
  24. Honest show-off
  25. Beauty & also beastie
  26. Victim of worry
  27. Narcissist
  28. Costume dresser
  29. Personal favours junkie
  30. Obsessive compulsive
  31. Rhythm hummer
  32. Jill-of-all-trades & mistress of some, not none
  33. Merry-maker
  34. Cool cucumber
  35. Time waiter
  36. Phrase adulteress


 Opposites Attract

Rustlings in the still
bells ringing with the silent
quipping of the quiet soul

That makes your heart tinker
for all the grand delusions
in states of mass deceptions

Whisked away by winds
flitting seams
resting in arms

Dead calm

A life.

 Egging On By

Don't count your chickens 
or chicks, for good measure
before they hatch
for there are as many ways 
to cook your eggs
as there are to skin a cat

The long & short of it
is, not however, but whatever
it takes, to hatch a dozen
with none of them rotten 
or bad eggs, what misfortune
of ill-bred ideas form a plot

A scheme of culinary devise
from a couple of Benedicts
with half-boiled temperatures
who scrambled an over easy plan
to poach a cunning ham
on a day the sunny side is up