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What function does Art serve, aside from the traditional notion that it beautifies & beauty being subjective, to me?

I am a servant, not a master, of art. What is my basis for creating anything i call art? It's a transliteration of words into pictures for me. Quite simply so, drawing, sketching & painting are writing with pictures instead of languages & numbers. The universal language of art is pictorial.

I have had completed many works by hand alone, in the traditional form of fine arts & design but decided to give the finished works away for sharing, for what good is art, if not to function as something useful would be. At the very least, better than being kept in storage.

Having no history to show, i decided to do new ones, with original photos i photographed of things that provoked my thoughts, from the most banal objects to places i'd most recently visited. These are the digital art that you can see in my current albums.

There will be more to come, in both the traditional & digital forms of art, which i luxuriously enjoy spending long hours doing when time permits.

Finally, to wrap up my definition of Art in relation to Photography, the former tells a subjective story through its creator's eyes & the latter, objectively, through the camera's eyes.