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Photography breathes life, & life is beautiful. Our lives are woven by threads of culture, rituals & possessions & the essence, time.

Whilst views may be distorted by words, photos show multiple perspectives from 360'deg angles without distortion of facts. Well, at least before digital imagery & Photoshop were invented.

In a place of natural beauty, the magnificence of creation is amplified through the lens; even in the most minute, there is greatness. It doesn't take much for us to notice the obvious. But the less obvious & banal stuff that we are accustomed to seeing requires skill & technique for shedding new light upon.

Essentially, photography has as its key value, romantic, for it's really painting with light.

The albums of photography are briefly described below, individual photos are up to one's own interpretation. Concepts in art need to be deciphered through artistic expressions, but concepts in photography speak for themselves & need no explanation.

Au Naturel

Duplicity is found in the urban structures around us as man can hardly be a true original in the true sense of the word. But there can be no exact replica for nature & its marvels never fail to amaze me, if not in its magnificence, then in the details that make of it.

Fountain of Wealth

Juxtapositions of the Suntec City Fountain of Wealth on other parts of Singapore's cityscape makes an interesting composition & i seek to capture the flow of energy from it into the other elements in the photo through lines, arabesques & circles.

Crocodile Farm

The posters at the crocodile farm in Chennai are whimsical to read along the lines of humour, such as, 'Small saltwater crocodiles can gallop at over (30mph) (48kph) for short distances.'

Clear Skies

'Clear Skies' is more symbolic in meaning than in its literal sense. With the sky as backdrop, varied settings are given different ambients. In artificial lighting, we call this 'ambient lighting'. Nothing can beat the real magnificence of how natural light illuminates perfectly to 'shed real light on any given situation'.


The icons we are familiar with, brands that come to mind, inconspicuous yet obvious, are well recognised anywhere.


There are other miscellaneous happenings, objects & environments that interest & inspire me to give them my attention in random notions.